Submitted by EMS on August 28, 2012

Q & A with Will English
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Question from client: My Point of Sale (POS) cash register is working fine. Awhile back I added a second computer and POS license, and have only been using it to check prices and receive inventory. We'd like to use it as a second register as well.
So I've been looking up information about end of day, cash in drawer, etc. to see how it is done properly. I've seen that if you run end of day on both registers you can modify the report to show just workstation 1 or 2, however, when I get to that point, only one workstation shows up. Since I'm running off of the same database, which is only located on workstation 1, will I have to grab cash from both machines each night and manually separate out change for the next day?
What's the proper way to do this since the two machines use the one database located on the main register?

Will’s answer: The drawer count report will include both drawers unless you filter it to only one drawer.  The way you can get the filter to come up is to go the Report Center and click on Report Center.  You will see at the lower left a Show Modify Report before running report.  Check that box and then the modify window comes up before running reports.  You can then filter for one drawer or the other.