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9 Reasons why QuickBooks Payments is the Best choice for you!

Old Way New Way


1. You get paid 2 times faster

Easily email invoices with a Pay Now link. You can accept online payments via credit cards, debit cards and ACH bank transfers. You can even accept mobile payments and get paid immediately using your iPhone, iPad or Android device.

2. Easily track all your invoices

Schedule invoices to be sent automatically to your customers, individually or in batches using QuickBooks. All your invoices are kept in one place, so it is easy to watch for the ones that are overdue.

3. Email Invoices with a Pay Now Link

Making payments has never been easier for your customers. They can make instant online or mobile payments. You can track when the customer has opened your invoice and when they have paid it.

4. Payments and Invoices are automatically reconciled 

QuickBooks automatically updates invoices and your books when you receive payments. Reconciliation is done for you. This eliminates the most time-consuming task of having to match payments with invoices manually and having to reconcile with bank statements.

5. Payments are deposited straight into your bank account

QuickBooks saves you a trip to the bank by automatically depositing your payments in 2-3 days. There is no need for manual transfers anymore!

6. Simple and Affordable Pricing 

7. All major debit and credit cards area accepted 

Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express are all accepted, as well as ACH bank transfers.

8. Always Supported

We offer live phone support so you can get your answers when you need them.

9. Safe, secure and risk-free

Receive safe and secure online payments with bank-level security from QuickBooks Payments.


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