Submitted by Will on February 27, 2014

Will is an integral part of the QuickBooks network of Consultants & ProAdvisors. One of the members needed some input on a QuickBooks Point of Sale (QBPOS) issue their client was having.

Initial question/issue: My client is using QB POS 8.0 Pro level with QB Financial Pro 2009. He is aware that these products are no longer supported by Intuit, but everything has been working smoothly until now. The last POS import to QB was unable to be completed, because the maximum item list limit had been reached. 
Total accounts = 111; Total names = 2164; Total items = 14500
The items do not appear in the Items list in QB Pro.

It has been awhile since I have worked with POS, but since the items "live" in POS, why has the limit been reached on the financial side? What am I not seeing? This is not a great time for upgrading.
Thanks for any insight you POS gurus can offer. 

Answer from one colleague: QBPOS marks the items as inactive so if you changed your view to active items, you would see them. You are in a situation that I have been in before. You could advise the client to upgrade to Enterprise which would immediately solve your problem. Other options would be to build a new file in Pro or condense the file in Pro. The issue though will be how many items do you have in POS currently? If your answer is close to the 14,500 or will be again soon, then Enterprise is your answer. If your client could or already did delete a bunch of items in POS, then you could look at the new file option.

Another colleague replied: Actually the items are in QB Financial Pro, they simply are all 'inactive'. Point-of-sale does this so that QB users are not tempted to make item changes inside QB rather than inside POS. The only way you prevent POS from updating QB with items is to turn off the 'detail level' of sending data to QB from POS. If you ever send details to QB, then items are sent with them; otherwise, the details would not appear within the transactions.

Your client probably should have started a new QB file as of the first of this year, after having gone through and eliminated no-longer sold/stocked items from QB.

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