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Typically when a new business starts up, vendors require payment in advance for items ordered.  When using QuickBooks POS with QuickBooks Financial software, there is a relatively easy way to track this.  When posting your check or charge in QuickBooks Financial, enter accounts payable in the account field and the vendor you placed the order with in the customer job field.  Then receive your inventory on a receiving voucher as normal (you are using receiving vouchers right?)  When you go to QBF, click on pay bills.
When we are called into consult with a new client who either set up POS themselves or had another consultant work on it, the most common problem we see is a negative amount in the POS inventory adjustment expense.  This indicates that the client has not been receiving inventory in properly.  Most commonly, the client will just enter quanities of items in the on-hand field.  While POS does warn you that you are creating an adjustment, you can hide the message and most do.  What is happening is that you are telling POS that you have X qty at Y cost and therefore it increase the inventory and the

So version 8 of Point of sale has been out for a few months.  Here are my comments.  The web component is not quite ready for prime time.  It has very limited functionality and NOT a good fit for clothing store at this time as there is only 1 view available for each style and the styles display kind of weird.  We have been promised fixes early next year.  The simple cashier screen is great improvement for touchscreen use.  Please note however that not all of the data entry fields are on the simple cashier view. For example, to enter a customer you need to go back to the old screen. The good news is it is pretty simple toggle.  The currency buttons when taking cash are LONG overdue and really cool.

If you found this then you may be looking at buying QuickBooks POS or have it and need some help.  We have been working with POS since version 2 and have done well over 100 new installs and counting.  We invite you to post your questions and comments.  Simple questions we will answer for free like we have done for several years on the QuickBooks POS Community web site.  More complex problems, we can still help, but will need to charge you.  POS is a robust affordable product and with the addition of 8.0 and Cash Register Plus,  there are thousand of retailers who can benefit from these product