Will English co-authored a QuickBooks Point of Sale (POS) Store Operations Handbook, which is a step-by-step guide with screenshot tips for QuickBooks POS. Bookkeepers, retailers, accountants and consultants find it very helpful in performing many of the daily POS tasks.

A consumer who runs a stone and landscaping yard stated that their inventory was never properly set-up in QBPOS. She had the following questions after reading through the handbook.

Client wrote:
Mr. English,
I run a stone and landscaping yard and we use the POS and QBF software. Inventory was never set up correctly and I have purchased your book in assisting me in many areas which need attention. However, I have two issues I couldn’t find discussed in the book.
1. Tax Exempt sales leaving a penny or two in the QBFS to be deposited
2. Our Inventory consist of stone and soil and we have multiple units of measure’s in which we use. I use a 5 gallon bucket as the base unit for the…

The QuickBooks team has introduced release 7 for QuickBooks Enterprise 2015.   This milestone release is their first to contain feature enhancements in addition to bug fixes.  It is a manual update from the Intuit support website. We suggest, however, that you wait another week or so to install it just to ensure no problems.

According to Intuit, here's what to expect:

Faster, Easier Subscription Feature Setup- We're making to easier to discover and activate features that are included with your Enterprise subscription. Subscription Feature Setup opens automatically when you open your company file. Or choose Help > Set up Subscription Features to open it anytime. To activate any feature in your subscription, just click Start.

When you open your QuickBooks Enterprise company file you will see a screen similar to the following. The feature list that you see will depend on your subscription.

* Note: Features shown will vary depending on your…

There is a new revolution in payment technology underway and all retailers need to be aware of how it will impact them and their customers.  We have come a long way from our local merchant extending credit over the barrel to those clients who they knew well.  In the 50’s Diner’s Club, American Express and Visa started issuing general purpose cards, meaning that the card holder could use the card at multiple stores. Next up was Bank of America issuing their card and licensing it to other banks, and finally in 1976, what we know as Visa came into existence.

Now you can mark Oct. 1, 2015 on your calendars. MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover expect that come October 2015, if a customer presents a retailer with an EMV chip-based card, they are supposed to be able to process it on an EMV device.

So, what is EMV?EMV stands for “EuroPay, MasterCard and Visa” — and it’s not new! The rest of the world has been using EMV cards for…

It’s time for the annual RetailNOW trade show hosted by RSPA. As an expert in the Point of Sale industry, Will English is looking forward to attending for the education and networking.
RSPA stands for Retail Solutions Providers Association and they’ve been in existence for over 60 years. RetailNOW® 2015 is the premier trade show event for the retail technology and point of sale industry. Through educational sessions, valuable networking opportunities, and access to the resources of RSPA and its industry partners, attendees will walk away with a fresh new perspective that will pay dividends for them and their business.

“We are the only association connecting the Point of Sale technology ecosystem. Our members include resellers, distributors, hardware manufacturers, software developers, consultants and service providers who bring retail technology solutions to the marketplace. Our mission is to accelerate the success of our members by…

Will English was invited to the Cultivate conference again! This is a U.S. premier convention and marketplace where those who work in horticulture, those interested in a career in horticulture, looking to buy horticultural products or services for their business, and business owners looking to sell to horticulture companies connect in one place for education and networking.

With Will being an exhibitor, it allows us to represent the QuickBooks (QB) product and our support services to potential and existing QB customers. At our booth, we were excited to raffle off copies of the QuickBooks Point of Sale and QuickBooks Financial Pro desktop software. Many conference attendees spoke with Will about the products, our services, and they entered to win with great expectancy. We appreciate everyone who stopped by and look forward to assisting them!

From the Cultivate website “At Cultivate'15, you'll find educational sessions to give you the tools…

Due to a recent conversation with the business owner of a service-based company, I find it important to write about the dangers of purchasing a pirated copy of QuickBooks software. That means you are purchasing software from a secondary source that is not an authorized Intuit Reseller or from Intuit directly, and the software has been duplicated and distributed without authorization.

Some people make a conscious decision to purchase this type of software while others buy it unknowingly, believing that they’re purchasing a legitimate copy. Piracy or copyright infringement is illegal activity.

Some dangers of purchasing illegal copies of the Intuit QuickBooks software are:

Intuit will discover this and disable your license. They are generous in notifying you and giving you a certain amount of days to purchase a legal copy before they disable your illegal copy.Pirated software may be loaded with malware (malicious software) or viruses.It may be…

R4 is here, R4 is here!

QuickBooks Point of Sale (QBPOS) Release 4 (R4)  is available for web download and contains quite a few fixes, especially related to the <Ctrl-Tab> functionality to move between open windows. The complete list of fixes is included here.

The biggest change is to upgrade the database engine to a newer version. This is done primarily to ensure the database engine that QuickBooks Point of Sale Desktop runs on is a supported version because support for the old database engine was about to be discontinued. And just like when Microsoft stopped supporting Windows XP on April 8, 2014 and therefore XP machines are no longer supported, the database engine will stop being supported, therefore Intuit needed to make this change. (You are not on  XP, right????).         

So what do I need to do?

The patch is currently available for web download and is scheduled to be pushed out via the normal update process to the community at large…

Q&A with Will English:
Today’s topic is: QBPOS Refunding a Non-Discounted Purchase Price

Our client who manages a nutritional supplement retail store just experienced an issue when a customer returned an item that was bought on sale, QuickBooks Point of Sale (QBPOS) refunded it at the regular price.  

Client: Our cashier just showed me something in POS that needs fixing. If she sells a product to which a discount has been applied, and then the customer returns the product, POS refunds the non-discounted purchase price.

The actual example was, a product that is currently on sale at 15% off. POS automatically applies the discount when the product is sold, but the next day, the customer brought the product back. POS refunded the non-discounted price to his card. Any fix for this or adjustment needed to our procedure?

Will’s answer: Yes, the customer needs to bring the receipt back and the receipt is scanned using the Accept a Return exchange under the…

Our office will be closed on Memorial Day and we will return for normal business hours of 9am-5pmPST on Tuesday May 26.

Should you have any customer service requests: QuickBooks customers who require technical assistance or have an emergency during our office closure may do one of the following:

 CONTACT US: call local in San Diego 858-467-0400 or toll free 877-467-0451 and dial 5, or send an email to info@englishmgmt.com. Please state the reason for the call and your contact information. Our billable rate will apply.  

*For non-emergencies, leave a message at our office number or send an email and we'll reply the following business day.  


* Point of Sale: 1-800-4INTUIT (800-446-8848)
* Enterprise Solutions: 866-340-7237
* Merchant Services: 800-558-9558   

Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor’s have expertise in accounting and bookkeeping services for small-to-medium sized businesses. Another one of our team members, Sofia Avendano, is now a certified consultant who has been tested and certified by Intuit to help businesses learn and use QuickBooks Financial desktop software.

Sofia has been on staff at EM$ since 2009 as a Bookkeeper. She uses the QuickBooks (QB) software on a daily basis to perform her work tasks, and she manages a lot of client’s books. As we know, there will occasionally be issues with any system. Nothing is perfect. Plus we have to factor in human error. Sofia found herself working with Will English and the Intuit support department to assist clients with their QB issues, so it was a natural progression to gain her certification. We can now assist more clients in less time.

It is our mission to empower small business owners with the financial information they need to be successful. We use…