The QuickBooks POS 12.0 Pro R5 Patch was just released online:

What's important about Release 5?


Updated sign up/sign in flows at all points where an Intuit service is accessed.If client workstations are open when accessing Company Operations from the file menu on the server, a message will now advise that other workstations are still connected to the currently open data file.

Merchant Services/Payments

Voice Authorization numbers have been updated to reflect the change to Chase Paymentech.

Sales, Purchasing and Items

The number of credit card transactions will now be displayed on the credit button in the 'Make a Sale' screen.Group and Assembly items can now be edited.Search results while searching in Inventory List will now be retained after sorting search results.When scanning an item while on the Home Page and…

Will English’s Reveal of QuickBooks Point of Sale (QBPOS) powered by Revel

Having worked with Revel more closely as well as attending additional training, I am ready to write this article to give insight into more of the product benefits and features.  We can see from QuickBooks Online, any cloud product is a moving target and QuickBooks Point of Sale powered by Revel is no different.  Intuit has worked with Revel extensively. Revel has opened up the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) as well as Table Service vertical markets to the resellers who have been trained.  This was a huge win as the Revel product excels in these verticals.

Revel is the real deal in hospitality.  For the QSR market, the product out of the box supports modifiers, meaning that you can add or subtract items on the order.  Think, add mustard, and hold the mayo.  You can also set up standard modifiers for each item. For example, a sandwich always comes with lettuce and tomatoes.  You…

Adding a new employee as a user in QuickBooks Point of Sale (QBPOS) is a simple process. Once you add their information, you can set the user permissions.

Sign in as AdminGo to the top tool bar and choose EmployeesNew Employee






If you don't know how to sign into POS or have forgotten your password, follow this link to reset your Administrator password:

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Christmas is here! The shopping frenzy has begun. Consumers are looking for deals and speedy service especially at the check-out. There are a couple of things we’d like to point out:


You don't want to upset customers! Do everything that you can to make it an enjoyable shopping experience!

1. We say this every year but it’s a message that retailers need to hear: Stock up on your Point of Sale supplies! Don’t wait until the last minute and have to pay for expedited shipping or worst, run out before your shipment arrives! Imagine the nightmare of running out of receipt paper while ringing up sales? Or your shipment of items arrives and you’re excited to get everything onto the sales floor but you run out of pricing labels or clothing hang tags?  You can still ring up sales but it will be much more inefficient and time consuming. Contact Us or you may contact our Preferred Supply Vendor directly.

2. Make sure your gift card…

How to select a POS system:
So you have decided it is time to change the way you ring up sales today, or maybe you are a new retailer looking to select a system for the first time.  We have helped hundreds of retailers select systems throughout the years and wanted to help point you in the right direction. Of course, we represent various systems and would be thrilled to make a sale, but at the end of the day, this is a large investment both in time and money and the system you choose has to fit your business and your budget.

The most important thing is to focus on your specific needs.  To do this, the sales consultant should ask questions about your business and your sales process.  If they want to skip to the demo without gaining an understanding of your business, be careful.  Anyone can make their software shine during a demo, but unless they understand what you truly need, you could end up disappointed in the outcome.


Conference season is over.

So we had the opportunity to attend the last Sleeter Conference (SleeterCon). Earlier this year, Doug and Sherril Sleeter sold their company to Diversified Communication, who acquired Accountex a few months back and now SleeterCon will be known as Accountex, USA.  I have been honored to have attended 10 of Doug’s conferences, having presented at 4.  I always learn valuable information, renew business relationships, as well as introducing our company to attendees who can benefit from our range of services.  Since over 40% of attendees were brand new this year, there was lots of opportunity for networking both with new and old. Additionally, SleeterCon provides me an understanding of the accounting technology landscape.  While our practice is Intuit Product centric, it is always great to see what other companies are doing.  Additionally, a number of the vendors work cross platform so it is good to know who works with what and who is upcoming in the…




We hope your holiday season is filled with hope, joy and fun!  

Our Holiday Office Closures:

Nov. 26th: closed for Thanksgiving

Dec. 24th: close at 3pmPST for Christmas Eve

Dec. 25th: closed for Christmas

Dec. 31: close at 3pmPST for New Year's Eve

Jan.1: closed for New Year's Day

Customer Service Requests: QuickBooks customers who require technical assistance or have an emergency during our office closures may do one of the following:
CONTACT US: by emailing us at, call our office at 858-467-0400 and press 5, or complete the Contact Us form here. Our billable rate will apply. 
*For non-emergencies, we will reply the following business day.  

* Point of Sale: 1-800-4INTUIT (800-446-8848)
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Will attended the 2nd annual Intuit QuickBooks Connect Conference and here are his impressions of the week:








What an amazing week! QuickBooks (QB) Connect is an Intuit sponsored event that brings accountants, business owners and software developers together in a mashup of training, inspirational speakers and just plain fun.  Last year was the first year and while it was a great event, this year was even better and I can’t wait for next year. 

First of all, we brought Sofia, our Ace bookkeeper for advanced training in QuickBooks Online (QBO), Intuit’s cloud based accounting package.  I sat in on a number of the classes as well as being invited to help with the concierge desk.  The desk was designed to help the attendees maximize their time at the trade show.  We got to speak to attendees, learn about their business needs and direct them to vendors that might be a good fit for…