With the holiday season around the corner, we would like to share some helpful tips & our holiday calendar.

In preparation for the holidays: 

Make sure you have enough store supplies on hand such as receipt paper, pricing labels, hang tags, etc. You don't want to run out & then have to wait for a shipment, hindering your production & possibly sales.*see Note below for ordering.Is your staff properly trained on the software? QuickBooks (QB) has a practice mode that allows users to practice using the software without affecting the actual system & data. No transactions are actually recorded.
At EMS, we offer onsite & remote training so you can be confident that your staff knows how to manage the various transactions & QB functions correctly. You don't want to lose business due to untrained or improperly trained employees.Gift cards: You can process gift card…

Intuit QuickBooks is hosting a first-of-its-kind event this week which provides QuickBooks users, ProAdvisors and Resellers the opportunity to learn from small business experts, successful entrepreneurs and social media leaders as they make connections needed to succeed.

As one of the top 30 Intuit Premier Resellers in the country, we are excited to go to this annual reseller conference that is being held concurrently with QB Connect.  We will receive additional training on all of the products that we offer as well as the chance to give direct feedback to Intuit’s upper product development management.  Also, after the conference, Will English is planning on attending the general sessions on Wednesday as well as a post conference half day event. We will provide a post-conference update so check back next week!

As an authorized Intuit Premier Reseller, we work with a remarkable team of professionals at Intuit, Inc. I had the pleasure of recently visiting the Intuit customer contact office in Tucson, AZ.

The tour of the offices and facilities, meeting managers and staff, and experiencing first-hand the inner workings of the departments provided me the benefit of face-to-face interactions and witnessing them living out the company values. And since the Intuit support representatives refer customers to Resellers for local assistance, it benefited them to meet a Reseller. We learned from one another and shared some best practices.

We live in such a technologically advanced world that we can easily get lost in emailing and online databases. This can lead to a sense of disunity and forgetting that there is a live person on the other end assisting those customers. No matter what our methods of communication are, we must take time to step back and make those interpersonal…

In yesterday's post, we provided the first part of an article that explains 4 tips to help retailers help more customers, faster during the holidays. We hope you enjoyed learning the first 2 tips. Today we provide the final 2.

If available in your POS system (and most have this feature), implement Touchscreens.  Why does this make a difference?  Two factors: first, POS clerks learn faster and can process tickets more quickly on a Touchscreen.  The days of a keyboard driven system that requires you to remember Alt+F2 as a command on a POS system should be long gone.  Shorter training times and higher retention of information means more productive time in the store stocking the shelves and focusing on customer service.  A touchscreen should also allow you to set up “buttons” for items in inventory that can’t be barcoded.  Services and items sold in bulk (neither can be barcoded) are two examples of how a “button” can help speed up the customer’s experience.…

As a retailer, wouldn't you like to help more customers, faster during the holidays? Well, we have 4 tips to help you out. Today's post includes the first 2 and tomorrow's post will include the final 2 tips.

News flash!! Americans are impatient!!!  We don’t want to wait 30 seconds for our computers to boot up or take 5 minutes to get out of our cars to get our Big Macs.  We want everything fast and that includes checking out at our favorite retail establishments.  So how do you make that need for speed work in your favor as you gear up for the busy shopping season?

The #1 recommendation is barcoding your inventory.  Any and everything that can hold a barcode label should have one.  When your customers come to check out, the POS clerk should be able to scan the barcodes, take their payment, package their purchases, and help the next customer.  Barcoding your inventory has an important second win (some would say first):  Barcoding not…

As you know, Will is a member of a QuickBooks forum where member’s posts issues and questions. The colleagues provide information and solutions to help the consultant properly support their client. They explore and share ideas and advice.

Question from a colleague to the group: Client has spun off another wholesale company and would like to keep it completely separate from their existing retail store. Are there any problems with creating another company file in POS and having it synchronize with another QB Financial database?

Colleague: QuickBooks Point of Sale (POS) works a little differently than QuickBooks Financial Desktop (QBF). The POS database cannot be renamed like the Desktop *.qbw files. They are all called qbpos.db so the way they are differentiated is that each database is created and put into folders using your Company Name using the default installation directory. So the [company one] folder will contain its qbpos.db…

The October promotions are posted! Deep discounts are available on QuickBooks Enterprise, Point of Sale, Intuit Payroll, and more. See them all here. And QuickBooks Desktop Pro/Premier/Mac and QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions v2015 is now available!

As a value added Certified Intuit Premier Reseller, we are able to pass along our savings to you. Contact us for a discovery call and to discuss your software system options. Every client is different so there's not a one-size-fits-all approach. As each business owner is unique, so is their company. We'll cheerfully answer your questions and provide accurate information for all of the necessary components including our support/installation training services.

QuickBooks Financial V2015 and QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions V2015 have been released. Contact us to learn more about the improvements and new features. You can try out the software for 30 days at no charge! We will be happy to provide a product demonstration to explain many of the features and the user interface to help you determine the right solution for your needs.


Q & A with Will English

Today’s topic: Assigning Paper Bags to an Account in QBPOS & QBF

Client’s employee: I can set the bags up in QuickBooks Point of Sale (POS) as a Non-Inventory Item:  POS will track the monies collected and we won’t have to include the bag as an item to count when we do year-end inventory.  POS will need to liaise with a QB acct:  what do you want that to be?  (ie, Do these need to be defined as COGS and as income?)  If this item is considered an Income Acct, I’m not sure if that puts the item over into a sales tax category. 

Client’s question: We recently decided to purchase paper bags in case our customers want to buy one (like the supermarkets do). The rules on this seem a bit hazy, but it appears that 1) we are supposed to collect the money, but 2) we can only spend it on buying more bags. We need some advice on how to account for these (and the collected money) in POS & QuickBooks Financial.

Will: Create a non-…

We’re very excited to announce that Will has been invited to attend the Major League Baseball (MLB) Trade Show for the 4th consecutive year! It's by invitation only. He will have the opportunity to meet and speak with some of the leading representatives in the industry about the QuickBooks Point of Sale software system and how it will benefit their needs. Several MLB teams are already using this system to manage their clubhouse needs and we’re grateful that they are clients of English Management Solutions, Inc. (EM$) clients. 

Every year, we give a donation to the Major League Baseball Clubhouse Managers Association (MLBCMA) Bat Boy Scholarship Program for each system purchased by a MLB team. We believe it’s important to support such an important program.