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Is there a way in QuickBooks Point of Sale (QBPOS) to manage rental equipment? If so, what is the process? Let’s take a look.

Identify the equipment you will rent out.In QBPOS, create a rental department and create inventory items for the equipment assigning them to the rental department. (You can tag the rental items if you want to speed the checkout process, but consider the abuse these tags will receive. We do sell a tag printer and tags that can stand up to the abuse, so contact our office for more details). If you are using QuickBooks Financial software connected to your POS, consider changing the accounts that POS is using for sales and Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) to something like “Rental Inventory Sales” and “Rental Inventory COGS”  In this way, if you see these accounts, you know that a mistake was made or you have sold off your rental inventory.Set the selling price to zero and receive in the inventory using your normal receiving process, if this is…

We get to work with numerous retailers and it’s our goal to provide information that will benefit their business. AZ Retail is our premier source for store supplies. They recently wrote a blog geared towards retailers about the importance of having signs and price tags throughout a store. And it is so true that when a customer is shopping, they will be much more satisfied and willing to purchase from your store if the product information and pricing is readily available.

Signs and price tags are a very important part of your business.  They call attention to your promotions, they provide product information and ideas about how to use the product.  But the biggest help they give you is letting your guests know the price of the items they are interested in purchasing.  Having prices on your merchandise keeps customers from having to track down a sales associate to find a price on an item and creates a better shopping experience (in some states, it’s also required by law.) Read…

One of the highlights for Will at the recent Scaling New Heights conference was speaking with and taking a selfie with Brad Smith, the President and Chief Executive Officer of Intuit, the makers of the QuickBooks Point of Sale and Accounting software. Brad was was promoted to this role in January 2008, culminating a five-year rise through the company where he successfully led several of its major businesses. Read his executive profile.

The SNH conference was great as always. Will taught several sessions on the Point of Sale (POS) Certification Exam. It's important for Intuit ProAdvisors to maintain their certification because Intuit releases new versions of the software. This also allows the ProAdvisors to remain on the Intuit Find-A-ProAdvisor website where there are more than 500,000 visits annually from potential clients. See our previous post about this.

This year's conference was held in San Antonio, TX and next year it'll be in New Orleans!

Q&A with Will English:
One of our National Park clients uses QuickBooks Point of Sale V2013 and QuickBooks Financial Pro V2014. They recently received an item in QB but it didn’t actually arrive at their store, only a back ordered item. She needed to know the best approach without a lot of clean-up work.

Will’s reply: If you copy the voucher and then change it to a Return Voucher, including changing the date to match the original, then copy it again and make the correction, you should be fine. There will be a Credit Memo that will be created to offset the wrong bill, but other than that, no harm no foul.

Will is a member of a QuickBooks LinkedIn group where ProAdvisors ask questions and share valuable information to help one another better serve their clients.  A colleague ran across an issue that she needed some advice on.

Colleague: Point of Sale (POS) Tax codes question. I believe the sales tax locations have been set up properly and are properly integrated with QuickBooks Financial Software (QBFS) but all these tax codes are creating some of the problems.
It's a new POS V2013 client. He has about 10 tax codes that he set up himself. In addition to “Tax” and “Non-tax” he has set up other tax codes including “out of state,” “resale,” “gov’t,” etc. His Bookkeeper, an Advanced Certified ProAdvisor, has asked for my help because they are having problems with sales tax. Any thoughts?

Will: So, unless you have specific requirements to map the Point of Sale (POS) tax codes to the…

Some people leave an amazing legacy, and that is true of Baseball Hall of Famer Tony Gwynn. At the age of 54, he passed away but will live on in the hearts and lives of countless people. He made an incredible impact not only on the sport of baseball but also the city of San Diego, CA, home of the San Diego Padres.

He was deemed “Mr. Padre.” Tony spent his entire 20-year career with the Padres and was one of the game's greatest hitters of the latter part of the 20th century. Read more.

We are very proud to have the San Diego Padres baseball team as a QuickBooks and English Management Solutions, Inc. client. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends of Mr. Tony Gwynn!

We value the confidence that our client’s place in our staff and the Intuit product. We are fortunate to work with a wide range of customer’s from small to large companies, to for-profit and non-profit. Many have worked with us for several years, and we also continue to acquire new customers who are looking for a dependable product and a reputable Solution Provider. It's important to develop solid relationships with business owners and staff. Every client is different and brings something interesting to the table.

It is with pleasure that we feature some of our client's and their stories on our Client Success Stories page. See how they got started, grew the business, and not only chose QuickBooks but also English Management Solutions, Inc. as their Solution Provider and Trusted Advisor. You also may find a company on that page with a product and/or service that you need.

Read their stories.

Run your business efficiently and grow your profits with QuickBooks Point of Sale.

Save time when your inventory, sales, credit card payments and customer information all connect together sharing information automatically.

See your top-selling products, customer stats and moreUse Mobile Sync to accept credit cards anywhere on iPhone, iPad and Android.Integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks Financial

We were contacted by one of our retail boutique customers who uses the QuickBooks Point of Sale (QBPOS) and the QuickBooks Financial Pro software.

Issue: This morning they made a sale and ran the customer’s credit card for that particular amount. Right when they swiped the card, their internet went out. As you can imagine, the customer quickly started verifying whether or not the charge went through. 

The client first called American Express since that’s who the client has their account with. The representative confirmed that the credit card transaction went through. Then, she checked their QBPOS but the transaction wasn’t showing in their Sales History. She also ran an End of Day report and the charge wasn’t captured. That's when she contacted us.

Solution: In QBPOS, she can first try to look up the transaction by customer name or by the sale amount. If it’s not there, she should call the Intuit Merchant Services department to verify whether or not the charge…