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We have the advantage of working with clients nationwide by hosting virtual meetings. This allows us to quickly assist clients, and it’s more cost effective for everyone involved. With screen sharing capabilities, Will is able to efficiently support clients with their software and Bookkeeping needs, and teach them how to use their system. All participants are also connected by audio so they are on the same line and hear everything in real time. So is there a time when an onsite visit to an out-of-town client is advantageous?

We think so. Will is spending a few days visiting one of our out-of-state client’s at their multiple locations as well as at some of their Franchisee’s stores. This particular retailer specializes in gourmet seasonings and specialty cooking herbs and spices. The franchise is continually growing. Will has spent several hours total assisting the owners with the QuickBooks installation and training, providing much needed support, via remote meetings. With…

Q&A with Will English

Will is a member of a QuickBooks forum where member’s posts issues and questions. Colleagues provide information and solutions to help the consultant properly support their client. They explore and share ideas and advice.

Question from a colleague to the group: One of my client’s has many departments and now has items that are no longer active. They don't want to mark them as ‘Unorderable’ as that is not the case. The items are inactive simply because they no longer carry them, but could order again if needed. Is there a way to simply make items inactive or would it be a good idea to set up a new department for inactive items and move them there?

Will’s reply: You could do that, but they would still show up in the dropdown lists, etc. Assume that you don't want to delete them because they may be reordered. In the olden QuickBooks days when you couldn't make things inactive, we would add a…

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Intuit is preparing for some exciting changes for the QuickBooks Payment (merchant services) customers that will provide improved billing, simplified pricing and give them more ways to accept payments.

In order to make this change, Intuit will be updating the PIN pads used with QuickBooks Point of Sale software at their expense.

What Intuit Payment Solutions customers can expect: 

Beginning in the end of August, Intuit will let their Payment Solutions customers know that they will be exchanging their PIN pads.  Shortly after the customers are notified, Intuit will ship a PIN pad with installation instructions and a request that they return their old PIN pad. This is to ensure that the PIN pad will be compatible with the changes they make to their systems.

What you need to do: 

Customers will need to connect the PIN pad to their Point of Sale hardware and return their old PIN pad.  Intuit will provide instructions to…

In our more than 10 years of experience with QuickBooks Point of Sale (POS), one of the most problematic issues is the inability of QuickBooks Point of Sale to synch to a QuickBooks File (QBF) that is not on the local network. What that means practically is that the owner/bookkeeper has to do their accounting work on a machine at the store.

There are several approaches to work through this limitation. Will English has been testing the various configurations and thinks he has determined the best one for the Point of Sale User. In this article, he provides a thorough explanation with step-by-step instructions and screen shots.

Due to the length of this article, we have provided a it as a PDF. Click on Attachment below.

Formerly known as OFA Short Course, Cultivate '14 continued to offer premier educational & networking experiences, & more than 7 acres of trade show exhibits including technology, new products & services, & new plant varieties. They also expanded the products & services for retailers, nursery production, & landscaping. They expected thousands of people to attend from more than 20 countries.

As seen on their website, “The word 'cultivate' reflects what happens at the event. Thousands of people attend each year to cultivate their businesses and professional networks,” said Michael V. Geary, CAE, the President and CEO of AmericanHort. “Updating the brand of the 85-year-old event makes sense for the vision of AmericanHort. Cultivate captures the essence of what the experience is for our attendees.”

Will was invited to attend this U.S. premier convention and marketplace from July 12-15th.  He was available to assist all QuickBooks customers…

There is still time to join us for our upcoming QuickBooks POS webinar "Physical Inventory with Tips & Tricks" on Tue. July 22nd from 9-11:30am PST.

Doing a few things in advance of your Physical Inventory will really help with the accuracy of the count. Learn the three methods available to take an inventory count, how often a count should be done, security considerations, and much more to ensure a successful inventory count.

Learn how to properly plan and prepare, use the scanners- avoiding manual entry, and tips and tricks.

Terminology and Concepts
Planning, Preparing and Training
Manually Adding Counts
Saving and Applying Changes
Installing and Testing Physical Inventory Scanners
Navigating the Physical Inventory Scanner
Counting with the Physical Inventory Scanner
Updated QBPOS with the Physical Inventory Scanner Counts

Like most industries, retail has its share of buzz words.  It's important to know the common retail industry words so you are properly managing your inventory and finances. Will wrote an article talking about some of the most common ones and how to use them in your business.

Cost of Goods Sold (COGS)
This is not specifically a retail term, but is useful to understand so the rest of these terms make sense.  A number of clients think that their COGS is what they paid for inventory during any given period of time.  This is not correct.  COGS is the cost of the items that were SOLD during a period of time. The easiest way to explain this is to think about what happens when you buy inventory.  You are exchanging one asset for another.  You use your cash (an asset) to buy inventory (another asset) there is nothing that should show up on your Profit and Loss.  Then when we SELL our inventory, we reduce our inventory asset and increase our COGS.  One of the…


While assemblies will do a great job of kitting multiple items into a new product when the contents of the kits remain the same or rarely change, there are certain times when you will you want to have an item in your data file that is made up of one or more items where the contents may vary.  The variation may have to do with weight or size or some other component(s).  In many cases, creating new assemblies for these items may be more work that it is worth.  Therefore, in some cases it may be better to perform what we refer to as a Product Conversion.

A Product Conversion will allow you to create a new product from one more other products, while maintaining the proper inventory values and quantities on hand.


Our fictional company, Landscape Makers Demonstration Company (LSMDC), sells potted flowers, the pots they might go in, and the planting mix their customers would need to create their own flower pot arrangements as individual items.  Recently,…