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See the attached QBES v15 document that highlights the many benefits of this software.

QuickBooks Enterprise offers three feature-filled subscriptions. Choose the one that is right for you:

QuickBooks Enterprise Silver edition includes:
QuickBooks Enterprise software, Full…

April 22nd is when Earth Day is usually celebrated. It is a good to time to think about the changes that we can all make to more environmentally friendly. Here are some of the things we have put into practice:

Email invoices instead of mailing them. The only time we don’t use email is if a client specifically requests the snail mail option, and we only have one client who has made that request.

Save emailed information in an electronic format instead of printing the pages.

If and when you mistakenly print one sided pages, or you don’t need every page that was printed, mark the printed side to indicate that it is trash. Then, reuse that paper when you need to print internal documents. Just print on the blank back side.

Recycle as many items as allowed. Here is a link to the Waste Management website page What Can I Recycle? We have more options than we’re probably aware of. Disclaimer: we are in no way affiliated with Waste Management and are not endorsing…

We were excited to be invited to the IRC at ASD.  Sounds like a lot of initials doesn’t it.   First of all, IRC stands for the Independent Retailer Conference.  This show is the brain child of the folks at Retail Minded, an e-magazine devoted to the Independent retailers as well as a web site full of additional resources.  IRC puts a trade show within a trade show allowing retailers to have a one stop shop to review vendor offerings as well as providing an educational track.  ASD is a collection of trade shows featuring specific verticals as different as Beauty and Fragrance to Smoke Shops.

In most of our trade shows, we are buried on an isle in the middle of a row and try hard to gain the attention of attendee coming down the row.  At IRC, we were in the lobby next to registration and the food court.  In real estate, they talk about location being the most important thing and we had an ideal location.  All day long, we had people walk up to the booth and ask for…

We're excited to announce that Will English has been chosen to teach at the March 2015 Independent Retailer Conference taking place at ASD Market Week.

Will's speaking topics are QuickBooks Point of Sale (POS): Gain an Overview, Managing the Physical Inventory Process, 60 Minutes with a QuickBooks Expert: Get All of Your QuickBooks POS and Financial Questions Answered, and Retail Terminology 101.

A quote from the Conference Co-Founder:

"The Independent Retailer Conference is excited to have the EMS team join us in helping merchants gain trusted insight that they can apply to their businesses. In particular, with QuickBooks being such a popular retailer solution, we are looking forward to sharing this unique learning experience to the attendees of ASD Market Week,” shares Nicole Leinbach Reyhle, Independent Retailer Conference Co-Founder.

The Independent Retailer Conference is dedicated entirely to the unique lifestyle and…

We hope you are enjoying the new year so far! We want to remind you about our QuickBooks (QB) Webinars and training opportunities. See the calendar and details here.

Whether you're a seasond QB user or brand new to the software, we provide the level of training that you need. Our webinars are topical but we also offer personalized, one-on-one training for you and your staff. We provide a variety of QuickBooks support options because you want and expect to get the most out of your QuickBooks Point of Sale (QBPOS) and QuickBooks Financial (QBF) system.

As a service and product based company, we provide many solutions to meet our client's needs. For any business, it's easy to go day in and day out doing what you do. It's important to remain conscientious of the level of service you provide and to put yourself in the client's shoes. You can't always stop what you are doing to address another inquiry but you have to determine the level of importance and sense of urgency. Without client's, you wouldn't be in business.

Will recently assisted one of our long time retail clients with a credit card processing issue. With Will's expertise and level of committment as an Intuit Premier Reseller and Advanced ProAdvisor Consultant, he is able to escalate issues to Intuit on our client's behalf and be their liaison.

There is a company that emails surveys to our clients after they've purchased product from us and/or we have provided our professional services to assist them with their business needs. We'd like to share one that we…

One of our furniture store clients is transitioning to the QuickBooks Point of Sale (QBPOS) multi-store system. Their business includes a retail store & a warehouse.
They have entered all of the inventory into the first location within QBPOS, which is the retail store. They are ready to enter inventory into the warehouse, the 2nd location. They need to update what’s been received & sold. The question she needs addressed is how do you open the 2nd location within QuickBooks?

To turn on the second location, go into File menu and choose Company Preferences.

Then choose Multi store and increase the locations to 2.

See the screen shot








You work with the inventory from the headquarter computer which frees you from having to drive to the other location.

Contact us if you run into any issues with this or any other topic as well as with your QuickBooks questions. 877-467-0451 |…

“The America's Small Business Tax Relief Act of 2014 (H.R. 4457) is a bill that would amend section 179 of the Internal Revenue Code, which mostly affects small- to medium-sized businesses, to retroactively and permanently extend from January 1, 2014, increased the cap on the amount of investment that can be immediately deducted from taxable income.[1]The bill would return the tax code to its 2013 status and make the change permanent.” Content from Wikipedia online encyclopedia. 

“After months of turmoil resulting from a shift in industry preferences, a recent attempt to extend the Section 179 tax deduction has made another step toward success. This tax deduction allows taxpayers to deduct the cost of some types of business-related purchases, as compared to capitalizing and depreciating them…At the beginning of 2014, the law was changed so that businesses could only deduct about $25,000 per year. This bill, should it fully pass through the lawmaking bodies, is expected to…

Today, Intuit is releasing a press release (see below) announcing a strategic partnership with Revel to launch a new online iPad point-of-sale solution that works seamlessly within the QuickBooks ecosystem. QuickBooks Point of Sale powered by Revel Systems will be available in February 2015.

English Management Solutions, Inc. (EM$) has been in discussion with Intuit to become one of the first Resellers to be trained and able to offer this solution to our customers.  Call or email our office to be put on the wait list.
877-467-0451 |
We are committed to offering the best solution to our customer base and this gives us one more solution to explain when looking at your needs.

Intuit Partners with Revel Systems to Deliver iPad Point of Sale Solution
withinn QuickBooks Online Ecosystem

QuickBooks Point of Sale powered by Revel…

 Thought leaders and leading experts in Accounting & Technology.

Will English was invited back to teach at the annual Sleeter Group's Accounting Solutions Conference.   
When our colleage presented Will with the opportunity this year, he stated "Your knowledge of a higher level POS system would be great to add to the panel, let alone your knowledge of the POS landscape." We appreciate the offer for Will to share his expertise with the attendees so they can glean nuggets of valuable information to put into practice at their businesses. 

This year's conference included four, information-packed days, including pre-conference workshops with deep-dive training sessions on several solutions. The Expo Hall with over 90 exhibitors is a one-stop shopping experience that allows you to meet technology vendors face-to-face and get an in-depth look at their solutions. This annual event is attended by hundreds of accountants, bookkeepers,…